Institutionalizing the Strategy for Combating Terrorism

Image of usa graphic with State Dept., DHS, DoD, and Intell Community Logos.

During the Cold War we created an array of domestic and international institutions and enduring partnerships to defeat the threat of communism. Today, we require similar transformational structures to carry forward the fight against terror and to help ensure our ultimate success:

  • Establish and maintain international standards of accountability.
  • Strengthen coalitions and partnerships.
  • Enhance government architecture and interagency collaboration.
  • Foster intellectual and human capital.

There is also a need for all elements of our Nation - " from Federal, State, and local governments to the private sector to local communities and individual citizens - " to help create and share responsibilities in a Culture of Preparedness. This Culture of Preparedness, which applies to all catastrophes and all hazards, natural or man-made, rests on four principles: a shared acknowledgement of the certainty of future catastrophes and that creating a prepared Nation will be a continuing challenge; the importance of initiative and accountability at all levels of society; the role of citizen and community preparedness; and finally, the roles of each level of government and the private sector in creating a prepared Nation.

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